CSD Targus

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If the question is mobility, Targus is the solution! CSD Targus Distribution is the largest distributor of mobile accessories in Africa, and the sole South African distributor of Targus Inc. Globally, Targus is the leading supplier of mobile computing cases and accessories. Founded in the UK in 1982, . Targus was the first to offer a genuine 'Lifetime Warranty' that warrants to the purchaser that its cases are free from defect on material and workmanship, which is up-held in South Africa.

Targus currently has a global distribution network that spans 176 countries worldwide, that is virtually an office in every commercial city worldwide. This places Targus in a very strong position to support the massive customer, dealer, retail and distributor base that it currently serves.

Targus has one of the most extensive ranges of mobile cases and neoprene skins designed to protect the notebook computer it carries. All the carry cases are manufactured with the highest quality protection systems. Protecting the notebook and its contents are the most important elements in the performance of a notebook carry case, all our cases are subjected to a free-fall drop-test on each side (bottom, left, right, front & back) at a height of 1.5m. Targus has developed a full line of carry cases to meet the needs of all mobile professionals.

Targus’ recent market research revealed that customers simply want computer accessories that do the job they were designed for. Accessories should increase productivity and enjoyment of the laptop experience for today’s connected consumers. Taking that to heart, Targus has designed a new line of accessories that marries straightforward functionality with top-quality design. Targus’ accessory portfolio is extensive and covers most eventualities that mobile users may face.

All accessories have been designed with 4 factors in mind:
  • Unique [Looks different than others, more personalised] 
  • Friendly [Looks cool, fun and approachable] 
  • Technical [Looks like it will perform very well] 
  • Reliable / Quality [Looks like it will perform well over time]

So why invest in Targus? Not only do we come to the market with a complete solution of carry cases, mobile accessories and bundles, we also tailor-make solutions to individual needs. Be it at OEM, channel or corporate level, your company logo can be branded onto all Targus products, and is supported by Targus internationally.

Being part of the fastest growing IT sector has its challenges and advantages. But it certainly places Targus in a great position to take advantage of this massive growth potential, and as always Targus will continue to innovate according to market trends and the mobile consumer needs.